"10 Perfectly Inappropriate Songs For Valentine's Day"

[Photo credit: F**k The World]

Today's the one day in the whole year where you're reminded to love your spouse. To cherish your every moment of living together; it's a celebration of love universally. While many holidays tend to cater to a certain group of people. VD is one of the only times in the year where everyone regardless of race, religion, preferred type of cheese, can all come together and celebrate a common emotion...Love.

Off course with all that said, I'm a huge fan of being inappropriate. It's been a hobby since I used to stare down my 7th grade French teacher's blouse. That was the only year where I scored a considerably high grade in French; today, besides the common greetings you learn in every language course and how to say "My name is -penis-" I can not form a full sentence in french without being diagnosed as retarded to some degree. "omelette au fromage?"

After reading NO CLEAN SINGING's highly insightful and stupendously hilarious romantic advice column for Valentine's Day (if you haven't done so already, you need to "like" their facebook page....Like, now!). I felt inspired enough to sit down (I mean reach for the computer) to write a post about 10 songs that would make for a good "top ten inappropriate songs for VD" all in the name of being disturbingly funniez.

The following videos are in ascending order. Happy Valentine's Day!

[Ed note: Please use the arrow keys to navigate through songs, since album art is currently unavailable.]

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