Australian Metallers ELYSIAN Detail Plans for Debut Album ‘Wires of Creation’

In recent years the Australian metal scene has exploded wildly onto the worldwide stage with bands such as Karnivool, Dead Letter Circus, Psycroptic and Circles all turning international heads; the latest band to want a piece of the pie is Melbourne based melodic deathers ELYSIAN, who are set to release their aggressively punchy debut album, ‘Wires of Creation’, worldwide on March 26. The release storms its way through eleven tracks of hook laden, flowing dark melodies, technical solo interludes and snarlingly evil vocal work.

Guitarist Gabe Hutchinson comments: “Our main goal was to create a dynamic experience from start to finish whilst maintaining heavy songs. Overall it's a really heavy melodic death album but at times soars into things like an instrumental Pink Floyd-esque song with an electronic feel or a intricate percussive section. As a band, we grew up listening to music that incorporated acoustic ballads with blazing shred songs all in the one album, and it wasn't called progressive; it was called a good album. Some bands aim to have their songs sound disjointed by dramatically switching between genres; that’s not what we have done, the whole album flows, it attacks and it releases, its aggressive but gives you time to breath and take it in.”

A teaser song 'Mans Design' taken from ‘‘Wires of Creation’ can be heard here and the complete track-listing for the album is below. (after the break)

Wires of Creation track-listing:
1) Mans Design
2) Sigma
3) Climb from Fear
4) Eternal Breath
5) Sense Offender
6) The Gate
7) Play the Hand
8) Calming the Storm (instrumental)
9) Conquest
10) Machine
11) A Cry from Helplessness
I. Remorse
II. The choice
III. The Fall


[The band are currently working on a video and will then hit the road in April with an Australian tour in support of their album. ELYSIAN will also support Arch Enemy in Melbourne on April 31.]

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