CENTURY MEDIA Presents: Oriental Metal Compilation (Edited By KOBI FARHI)

Century Media Records has put together a great compilation album with the help of Orphaned Land's Kobi Farhi, titled "Oriental Metal." A compilation consisting of 11 selected songs of some of the best Oriental Metal bands out there.

"The compilation has a great booklet with photos and info about all the bands + a killer artwork and above all that, the music - ORIENTAL METAL!"

The album which will be available February 27th, featuring fan favorites; such as: Nervecell, Melechesh, Myrath, Sand Aura, Orphaned Land, and more!

Track listing for the release is as follows:
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01 - Sapari (Orphaned Land)
02 - Slaves For Life (Amaseffer)
03 - Deus Vult (Arkan)
04 - Lions In A Cage (Pentagram)
05 - Merciless Times (Myrath)
06 - Elohim (Almana Shchora)
07 - The Taste Of Betrayal (Nervecell)
08 - Haz El Adala Mayel (Khalas)
09 - Kaffir (Nile)
10 - Grand Gathas Of Baal Sin (Melechesh)
11 - Fountains Of Moses (Sand Aura)

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