Henrik Ohlsson (SCAR SYMMETRY) Recommends His Top 5 Extreme Metal Songs

Let's get right to it. Scar Symmetry are at the forefront of modern Swedish metal. The band's blend of 80s hair metal hooks with down right death metal obliteration has set them far from the rest of the pack.

The band's latest studio effort "The Unseen Empire" (out now via Nuclear Blast Records) continues Scar Symmetry's all out riffing assault topped with pop-laden choruses and technical drum fills. Even though I'm more a fan of their first 2 records, Scar Symmetry has still managed to full throttle their way record, after record, with memorable songs.

While drummer Henrik Ohlsson takes care of all the pummeling patterns , he is also in-charge of writing the band's lyrics, which he uses to create a series of conceptual themes through out the band's releases.

A while back I got into contact with Henrik to get his take on his top 5 extreme metal songs to recommend us. He was more than nice enough to reply back with his take, which consists of mainly Morbid Angel songs (classic Morbid Angel songs that is), stating:

"Extreme metal songs? Like...only brutal shit, right? I would say 5 Morbid Angel songs covers some of the best brutal stuff available: "Immortal Rites", "Suffocation", "Visions from the Darkside", ´"Maze of Torment", all songs from "Altars of Madness". Outstanding stuff to say the least! My fifth choice is "God of Emptiness" by...MORBID FUCKING ANGEL!!!"

Scar Symmetry will be returning to the stage after their winter hibernation down-time, by kicking off their 2012 schedule with a performance in Sandviken, Sweden with The Storyteller and Foolproof on March 3rd (Click here for the event's official page).

Here's Henrik Ohlsson's "5 Extreme metal songs of recommendation."

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