ASCARIASIS Debut EP "Ocean of Colour" Available Now!

Canadian progressive death metal band Ascariasis have released their debut EP "Ocean of Colour". The EP consists of five songs: Shatter, Torchbearer, Eleven, Ocean of Colour, and Carving the World. The album art was designed by Cameron Gray, notable for creating album art for bands such as Born of Osiris, Dead Letter Circus and Fallujah.

Ascariasis embodies a new breed of modern Canadian metal. This four piece, founded in 2009, includes Evan Watton (vocals), Devin Kendall (bass), Mike Valeri (guitars), and Mark Poelmann (drums). They bring a unique mix of crushing brutality, agonizing passages and soaring melodies to the scene. With influences ranging from the most technical and chaotic metal styles to ambient and classical, the band seeks to break beyond expectations and deliver a fresh blend of melodic, technical and progressive death metal while staying true to their local roots.

"I think this EP is a good window into the mindset that shapes our view on music and metal in general," says bassist Devin Kendall. "We look at it in the sense that we don't have to assign a particular genre to our sound and we leave it as free-form and thought-provoking as possible."

Ascariasis has been featured in various publications including They are currently working on their debut album, which is set to be released in 2013.

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