VILDHJARTA Launches Guitar Play-Through of "BENBLÅST"


Swedish djentlemen VILDHJARTA recently released their full-length debut, måsstaden, to critics' delight, winning over skeptics with their sheer heaviness and structured, progressive chaos. To show off their technical prowess, the band's own Daniel Bergström has now launched a guitar play-through of the track "benblåst", which can be viewed [below]:

VILDHJARTA's måsstaden earned the coveted title of #1 album of 2011 on, plus received rave reviews from the press. Read on for a few critics' takes on the album:

"...'måsstaden' proves that VILDHJARTA not only know exactly what they are doing, but also that they are capable of making focused, engrossing and fantastic music...When this officially drops, you cannot ignore it." -- GOT-DJENT.COM

"The trio's 3D riffs and echoplexing strums, plucks and soundtrack work are absolutely alien...'Dagger', 'When No One Walks with You' and 'The Lone Deranger' position VILDHJARTA as untouchable, forward-'thrilling' Swedes..." -- DECIBEL MAGAZINE

"An ambitious math-metal stew (or is it slough?). With this many personnel and four years in the making, there is much to feast the ears on. Amazingly, the unrelentingly dark mood never gets in the way of VILDHJARTA's intricate beauty." -- DRUM! MAGAZINE

"The math metal of MESHUGGAH meets the atmospheric prog of OPETH." -- REVOLVER MAGAZINE

måsstaden is available on iTunes here for $7.99 with two exclusive bonus tracks ("All for the Sake", "Of Others"), so download your copy today!

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