BLEEDING OATH - Bleeding Oath EP [Review]

Released: February 25, 2012
Genre: Progressive Metal
Reviewer: Kareem Chehayeb

Bleeding Oath are a young progressive metal act from London. The band consists of 4 members: Robin Haigh on vocals/guitar, Micah Douglas on guitar, Harrison White on drums, and "Moat", who recently joined on bass. They have been around since 2009 but have made a huge name for themselves in the competitive London scene. They have opened up for Evile, and were voted Terrorizer Magazine's best unsigned band of 2011. This self-titled EP only has two tracks, but definitely makes an awesome first impression. On a less serious note, Bleeding Oath have been promoting themselves uniquely on the internet, after a video of Mikael Akerfedlt spread around where he jokingly said "Fuck off, Bleeding Oath"...It led to videos of the members of Dragonforce, Katatonia, Andrew WK, and Xerath doing the same.

The music takes clear inspiration from progressive rock and metal bands ranging from the likes of Meshuggah and Opeth to King Crimson, though it is also clear they take influence from classical music and black metal. The individual musicianship is fantastic and they clearly make a good unit, which really brings out something different in a band.

The opening track, "Mountains", opens up with a tight riff with rhythmic variations that immediately transitions into a black metal inspired verse. Robin's high screams sound menacing in the mix. It's a very unique track that definitely has a darker edge to it, which is reminiscent of Bleeding Oath's more black metal influenced songs. The clean interlude and the arpeggios right after are really enjoyable too. It requires a couple listens to fully appreciate it because so much is going on, but it definitely exceeded my expectations .

The next track, What Fortune Gives, is one that I've heard on a demo release that was put out a year before this EP. This track definitely has a more standard song structure, but is a quality track. I'm glad they did not throw this one away. It's got the same sort of black metal influence in the framework of an Opeth-inspired framework. I really enjoyed Robin's solo on this track. It is very maturely written and takes a lot from the classical music that they have elements of. Robin's clean vocals are well done on this track too.

Bleeding Oath have put out a really short but fine EP, that really displays them at full-strength. The tracks are available for listen on Youtube and the EP can be purchased, along with other merch on their BigCartel website. I am looking forward to checking out their future releases!

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