Interview With Bachir Ramadan (THE WEEPING WILLOW)

The Weeping Willow is one of Lebanon's longest running metal acts. Formed in 1996, the band helped shape up the local scene from the early days where "Rock and Metal were still taboo" and underground. Today, international acts are making numerous stops in the country.

Originally, The Weeping Willow was formed under the name Opposites; back then they played Black Metal, but after three of the original members left the band due to censorship over their music and musical conflicts; the band decided to carry on under the new moniker, The Weeping Willow with a redefined sound; choosing to play a more death metal oriented sound, influenced by the likes of Slayer, Suffocation, Death, and Morbid Angel.

Recently the band announced that they'll be releasing their fourth studio album titled "Impale," and made the crushing new song "The Last Mourn" available for streaming.
Kareem Chehayeb got a chance to catch up with drummer Bachir Ramadan to get his thoughts on the new release, and how it differs from their previous albums; among many other topics.

Kareem: Hey Bachir, how are things going?
Bachir: Hey man, all is great thank you!

Kareem: "Impale" will be Weeping Willow's fourth album released. How do you see the songs compared to the older material? Each album seems to have a flavor of its own.

Bachir: Well, the new songs on the album are very diverse both musically and lyrically. Musically,we got in different influences varying from the death metal genre to thrash metal,black metal and of course Heavy metal ! Lyrically,every song on the album has a different topic or discourse so to speak. so i can say that it's a colorful album in terms of music and
lyrics,all being channeled through a more Aggressive tone this time.

We started writing the material for the album in fall 2011, we got in the studio around November,so the actual process of making this album took us a while,we had the liberty to make this album in a meticulous manner,paying attention to all the bits and bobs within the songs and That went Very Smooth. Can't for you guys to hear the Rest of the songs !

Kareem: Weeping Willow chose a new track, The Last Mourn, to be released on Youtube as a preview for the album. Is there any special meaning behind the song that made you guys decide on it?

Bachir: Basically,it was the first MASTERED song that we received,so consequently we decided to put it up on youtube so everyone can have a taste of what the album sounds like. the song is actually based on a true happening that took place right next to our Vocalist's (Geno's) House and it was influential to write a song about it since it was something that related directly to the music.

Kareem: Are we expecting a Weeping Willow show with the album release? You guys haven't performed live in a while!

Bachir: HELLYEAH! (with a very very loud voice) there will be a release party for the album with a live performance, we will keep you posted once we have the date and the venue and everything related sorted out and that's a promise !

When did you join The Weeping Willow? It seems you have adjusted quickly after leaving Dubai-based death metallers, Perversion.

Bachir: Well, i came back to Beirut in 2009 and that was the time when WW where auditioning drummers, and things took off from there.
It's a great honor for me personally to be within the WW family, as the band HELLYEAH say's it : it's a band of BROTHERS !

Kareem: Do the other members pick on you because you happen to be the youngest? Do you
end up having to clean up their beer spills?

Bachir: HA! that's a good one! well yea on occasions to answer your question heheheh "BUT"
i actually look up to the band members not just as musicians but as bigger brothers as well,Since they are the ones who always give me a new challenge to go through musically,and give me the right moral boost to get the job done,and that is the thing that helps me out in expanding my skills as being a drummer and progressing as an individual.

Kareem: What Middle Eastern bands have you been checking out lately?

Bachir: Voice of the Soul,thrash storm,Benevolent,Nocturna,Perversion.

Kareem: Being one of Lebanon's most acclaimed extreme metal drummers, what advice do you have for young drummers in the region?

Bachir: "Practice two hours everyday,rain or shine.Two Hours" - Nicko McBrain

Kareem: Thanks for your time, Bachir! We're looking forward to Impale's release...but, before we end this, let us know how people can stay updated with Weeping Willow online.

Bachir: Thank you for the Interview!

You can stay up-to date with WW on our FB page:

or on our Youtube channel:

Cheers Maniacs ! !

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