When a new band that's been picked personally by metal legend Lemmy Kilmister to open one of the best and biggest tours in the UK and Europe this year - you need to sit up, put down the coffee and take notice.

Introducing Diaries of a Hero.  Yes, they're a metal band. No, they're are most definitely not your average metal band and on Monday the 5th November they head out on tour with 2 of the biggest trend setting metal bands of all time - Motorhead and Anthrax. Yes, there most certainly will be fireworks in the Midlands this coming bonfire night.

Formed in 2010, Diaries of a Hero is a metal chemical fusion of 4 men - 2 Italian, 1 Welsh and 1 Croatian.
Part metal, part classic rock, part progressive – their music sublimely hints at golden age Rush mixed with modern day sound - guitar chops messers Gilbert and Petrucci would be proud of, rasping vocals that remind you of Van Halen/Chickenfoot frontman Sammy Hagar but on steriods and a massive robust rhythm section with some of the finest percussion work you’ll find in today’s modern rock/metal scene.

Rock Hard Magazine (Italy) describes the band’s debut album ‘Behind The Mask’ perfectly:

“Energy and rage combined with technique and melody result in an original artistic vision. Diaries Of A Hero are bringing a whole new game!”

Mix this molotov cocktail together and come this November/December Diaries of a Hero will make their mark, bringing the roof down and evolve into the beast they promise to become.

Diaries of a Hero are:

Carlo Del Favero - vocals/guitars
John Weeks - guitars
Matteo Bevilacqua - bass
Leonard Berisha - drums/percussion

Find DIARIES OF A HERO on: Facebook | Official Site

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