DIVINE DISORDER Release New Single

One of our favorite new comers onto the middle eastern metal scene; Kuwait based melodic death metal band, DIVINE DISORDER, have released their latest single titled "The Puppeteer" which includes 3 tracks; Code (T:error), The Puppeteer and Children of Menace (Orchestral Variations).

The new single "The Puppeteer" brings an even bigger sound to the band's ensemble; relaying on powerful grooves to lead the way for some extremely haunting keys. The song also features clean singing, reminiscent of Kamelot; in an an overall package "The Puppeteer" will smack you in the face with a wrench out of pure intensity!

Back in May, the band released their debut single which featured a spine-wrenching guest solo from Nile's Karl Sanders titled "Children of Menace," and with a second single under their belts, Divine Disorder aren't slowing things down one bit, if anything they've just made everyone hungry for a full length album which I'm sure will take the Middle Eastern metal scene by storm.

Click here to download "The Puppetteer"
and if you haven't heard the band's debut single "Children of Menace" make sure to do so by downloading it here!

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