Help Fund The "Extreme Metal Episode" of METAL EVOLUTION

If you haven't watched Metal Evolution by now, you're missing out on a lot of valuable metal information.

The series, which chronicles the evolution of heavy metal, is created by renowned heavy metal directors, Sam Dunn and Scot McFadyen (responsible for "Metal: A Headbanger's Journey" and "Global Metal;" two of the best heavy metal documentaries to date).

While the show was airing on Vh1 Classics in the U.S., the 11 part series had one missing episode, one that covered the Extreme Metal aspect of the genre we all love. Apparently, Sam Dunn planned on filming an episode, but Vh1 did not want to fund it. So now Dunn has decided to look to the global metal scene to help fund this episode; by starting an IndieGoGo campaign to help raise enough money to produce, shoot, edit and release this "Lost Episode."

The campaign has already received a tremendous amount of support from metal industry heavyweights, with many on board offering great prizes to claim when you place a donation. Some of the most notable names on board include: Metal Blade Records, Relapse Records, and ESP Guitars.

Sam Dunn tells Noisecreep:

"Let me give you the diplomatic answer, says Dunn from the Toronto offices of his and co-director Scot McFadyen's Banger Films. "We've got to remember that VH1 Classic did fund 11 episodes on the history of metal, which frankly, no one out there was willing to do. The fact that they went as far as allowing me to sneak in some Arch Enemy and In Flames is pretty remarkable for mainstream television."

"It's critical to do an episode on extreme metal," Dunn stresses. "The outer edges of metal are the most exciting. I'm shamelessly pirating (noted sociologist and metalhead) Keith Kahn-Harris's brilliant phrase where he calls it the motor of innovation in metal but I really believe that's the case. Black Sabbath was considered extreme metal at one time."

Click here to visit the "Extreme Metal Episode" IndieGoGo campaign page and check out all the kiler prizes you can claim. You can even become an Associate Producer (and get credited on the episode) or even better, you can be an Executive Producer!

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