New DVD Documentary "Behind The Suit And Tie" Available This November

There are countless aspects to recording and releasing music, let alone make an actual profit out of it. And for the most part, bands will use the profit they make from shows and merch for gas, travel fare, and other expenses they need on the road and in the studio. Even after signing to a major label, not all bands get the top notch luxuries they'd imagine. And with the internet dominating how music is being consumed today, labels and industry exces are always on the lookout for new ways to capitalize on online sales.

Off course, piracy makes it hard for labels to ensure the most successful sales figures for their releases, since there is a high percentage of listeners that don't buy music. Labels like Relapse have always been innovators and truly understand the advantages of maximizing their online sales. (You can find the label's entire catalog available for streaming through their bandcamp page, you can also purchase any album in FLAC format). On the other hand, Century Media is suing fans for illegally downloading music off their catalog. Both labels have the right to protect their intellectual property, by the best way they see fit. At the end, it's all about producing the highest quality releases.

We were sent a link to check out this great upcoming documentary titled "Behind The Suit and  Tie: A Look Inside The Metal Recording Industry" that takes a look into the world of heavy metal recording, how labels are dealing with piracy, and how they see the future of sold music.

Directed by Robert Bolger, "Behind The Suit and Tie" features interviews with industry veterans, such as: Brian Slagel (Metal Blade Records), Carl Severson  and Paul Conroy (Good Fight Entertainment), previously (Ferret Music), Missi Callazzo (MegaForce Records), Alan Becker (SONY / RED Distribution), Rob "Blasko" Nicholson (OZZY OSBOURNE), David Ellefson, (MEGADETH) and many more!

You can check out a 6 minute extended trailer below, and then make sure to head over to the documentary's official Facebook page.

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