THE HOURGLASS Release New Single Featuring Jon Oliva and Zak Stevens of SAVATAGE

Syrian heavy metal band, THE HOURGLASS, released a new single titled "Play The Pawn" which features current SAVATAGE vocalist Jon Oliva as well as former vocalist Zack Stevens.

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The Hourglass is a Syrian heavy metal band, formed in 2002, have 2 full length albums and one EP. This is the latest single (2012) with a very special guests Jon Oliva and Zak Stevens of Savatage.

Vocals: Jon Oliva & Zak Stevens
Guitars: Rawad Abdel Massih
Drums: Aram Kalousdian
Bass: Omar Harb
Keyboards and Piano: Nareg Abgian

Music, Lyrics and Production by Rawad Abdel Massih

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Omar Harb at NextTone Studio - Damascus - Syria
Vocals recorded in the USA

The Hourglass are:
Bassem Deaibess: Vocals
Rawad Abdel Massih: Guitars
Aram Kalousdian: Drums

Very special thanks to:
Jon Oliva
Zak Stevens
Our manager: Sharbel Kanoun

Play The Pawn
A land of black and white known since the dawn of time
The wisdom of the centuries is carved by a sacred hand
"the world is full of kings and queens that blind your eyes
And steal ur dreams"*

Like parallel lines the two extremes can never meet
White pawns moving forward dying on ur colored screens
The world is watching, history this moment is writing

Bishops are gathering
Knights are raging
The castles are burning
The queen calling

Play the pawn at the gates of dawn
Guardians of our home have turned to our doom

heroes are calling, the whites are now ruling
chairs and thunder, fall and rumble. take ur final breath
Checkmate is the black king, he thought that he could win

This is not a board game
Not money or fame
This is the sun who will kill the night
"They'll tell you black but its really white"*

Play the pawn at the gates of dawn
Guardians of our home have turned to our doom

Suddenly it appeared to him, they're all attached to long strings
The players are much bigger, close this chapter and forget what's better

Bishops have gathered and the knights have raged
The castles have burned and the queen is dead

Play the pawn at the gates of dawn
Guardians of our home, play now the pawn

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