UrbanChaosVideos.com (The Nostalgia Factor: Part 2)

Nostalgia creeps up on you at the least expected times, and it's not like a bad thing, but it could easily distract you from whatever you were focusing on and makes you delve into memories, tracing whatever it is that's making you feel nostalgic.

Anyway, as I was browsing through music, I decided to go through some Iron Maiden tracks that I haven't heard in some time, one of which was on the band's 2003 release "Dance of Death." That record might not be my favorite Maiden record, but I remember vividly my buddy in high school being all sorts of excited over the then new video for "Rainmaker."
Back then Youtube was not around (and you know you're getting old when you've lived through the pre-Youtube era internet and feel nostalgic about it.). For you to watch a video meant you had to download it, and back then downloading videos at home was the equivalent of downloading a band's entire discography (I'm talking Maiden discography, Not! Suicide Silence). Seriously, it took that long!

So, what we had to do in order to watch new videos without having to punch ourselves in the balls over impatience. We'd go to an internet cafe that at the time had what was considered blazing fast internet and downloaded a bunch of videos (and some South Park) then burnt them on CDs.

There were a bunch of great websites that offered the latest Rock and Metal videos, like videopimp.com and musicvideos.ru, both are still active, but in a very "shake-my-head" way. Another site that was absolutely awesome was UrbanChaosVideos.com; it offered some of the best metal videos and was updated frequently. They offered everything from promotional clips to live bootlegs, rare videos, and unreleased material.
If I look through my old stuff I'm sure I'll find a bunch of CDs with labels such as: "metal vidz" and "vid'yooozzz" on them that have bands like In Flames, Nasum, Mastodon and even bands like Staind, Godsmack and Flaw.

Looking back at those days when my buddy and I would skip school and walk to an internet cafe so we can download a bunch of videos makes me appreciate Youtube a lot more. I wouldn't change a thing about those days, it was all worth it. But it also makes me realize how crappy video ripping was back then...Bless HD.

Here's a fan-uploaded version of Iron Maiden's video for "Rainmaker" on Youtube that was originally ripped by the guys at #UCV.


  1. FUCKING YES! I was playing COD just a while ago and saw a guy with the name "urban chaos" and mentioned the efnet crew, and a friend mentioned something like "you always know stuff that nobody else knows about." That kinda pissed me off; most people today know nothing of what it used to be like... Sad, but kinda made me feel better that at least I still remembered.

  2. Hey, what happened to UCV? Brings back a lot of good memories. According to Archive.org it hasn't been online since September of 09