Virus MODE ON - Vol. 1, Avantegarde MNGT’s Band Roster Free Digital Promo Exclusive Compilation: Available Now!

Portugal's Avantegarde MNGT (who currently feature some of the most diverse acts on their roster) have released a free "exclusive" compilation that includes 20 tracks of the management's current talent.

With "more than 80 minutes of the most intense and killer music around by bands such as HEAVENWOOD, IBERIA, THE RANSACK, VOICE OF THE SOUL, TRIGGER MADE SOLUTION & DEMON DAGGER including brand new and explosive tracks by ALWAYS WAR and MISS LAVA!" the new compilation can be downloaded,

Virus MODE ON - Vol. 1 track list:
1- ALWAYS WAR – These Are The Ways
2- HEAVENWOOD – Fading Sun
3- THE RANSACK – My Bullet Your Name
4- DEMON DAGGER – Sodoma Eclipse
5- ALWAYS WAR – The Justice Game
6- IBERIA – She Devil
7- MISS LAVA – Feel My Grace
8- VOICE OF THE SOUL – Guardians Of Genocide
9- TRIGGER MADE SOLUTION – Cracks In The Hourglass
10- IBERIA – Angel
11- HEAVENWOOD – Morning Glory Clouds
12- ALWAYS WAR – The Pride The Pain
13- MISS LAVA – Ride
14- VOICE OF THE SOUL – Cast Away In Betrayal
15- THE RANSACK – Zenith
16- HEAVENWOOD – Bridge To Neverland
18- DEMON DAGGER – The Long Walk ( Cutting Deep )
19- THE RANSACK – Vicodin
20- MISS LAVA – Black Rainbow

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