PIG DESTROYER - Book Burner [Review]

Release date: October 22nd, 2012
Genre: Grindcore
Label: Relapse Records
Website: Facebook.com/TheRealPigDestroyer
Rating: 9/10 
Reviewer: Paul Williams

In some ways it seems pointless writing a review of Pig Destroyer's fifth album, Book Burner. There seems to be little point in blathering on and wasting words on trying to fully illuminate the seemingly obvious fact that Pig Destroyer do nothing but create the aural equivalent of blurry, yet artsy, snuff porn where storylines range from the oblivious and deranged minds of serial killers, to musings on the deceitful and destructive nature of people in positions of power.

Look how many words I just used! I could have just uploaded a video of myself having a wank while simultaneously watching 'American Psycho' and the news.

Not one to make the same album twice - although real people who don't enjoy diving into the festering pit of maniacal chainsaw riffing, jackhammer drumming, and rather angsty lyrical content that is grindcore would disagree - Scot Hull has taken a step back from writing 'conventional' grind 'songs', like in 2007s Terrifyer, but stepped up his A-Game. Actually, it seems to be more appropriate to call it his Motherfucking-A-Game, as this album definitely suggests that Mr. Hull, is indeed a motherfuck; and a bastardly one at that.

If you haven't destroyed your room - if you are at home - or sent somebody flying into the path of an oncoming bus - if you are out on the street - after the first 40 seconds of the opening track then there is little hope for you. Unsurprisingly, 'Sis' starts of, not like a brick to the head, but more like a full blown wall. It's probably covered with blood, and graffiti done in poo. Before you've even got your head round that chunky mid-paced riff - or what I believe is called a 'breather' in grind-uage - that comes in mid song, 'The American's Head' kicks in to make sure you're well and truly finished off with its rather sporadic riff and drum beatdown. From here on out the songs are really just lining up to have sex with your dead body.

It's actually a fresh of, well it's not really fresh. Guess it's pretty putrid. Shall we just say it's a breath of bloated corpse fart to hear a drummer and guitarist work so well off each other? 'Cus it really is.

Adam Jarvis is, of course, no slouch; being the big old drum warrior over at Misery Index and it was to be expected that he would be able to fill some rather large shoes - despite having such small feet - and take his place as a worthy yang to Hull's...also yang.

It's hard to say which song really shows Jarvis at his best alongside Hull, seeing as they seem to work so well together. It's as though they're a rather perfect married couple, except they're psychopaths. 'Baltimore Strangler' shows how well they work off each other, and how they each almost pause to recognise each others abilities. On the other hand you've got songs like 'Iron Drunk' and 'Dirty Knife' that show how precisely these songs were put together for the emphasis on chugs and time changes. It's enough to make one rather erect with appreciation for beautiful craftsmanship.

You can't really listen to a Pig Destroyer album without having a look at the fanatical lyricist that is JR Hayes, and that can be a trip in itself. Dealt with a rather wonderful talent to write thought provoking lyrics - mainly thoughts like 'what the fuck was that about?!?' - that delve into social issues, the clinically insane, and, of course, serial killers, Hayes is more than welcome to carry on bellowing out his odd musings, especially seeing as the world of extreme music seems to be over run with morons like Frankie Palmeri who think 'I wanna see you suck his dick', is a particuarly interesting line that the masses need to hear. No, Frankie. You suck the dick.

The worst thing about this album is the fact that, now that it's out, I'll have to wait another fuck-ton of years for new material, and probably even longer to see these guys live, what with Hull's other projects and Jarvis' band having been signed to Season Of Mist. It makes me wonder when we'll finally get to see Pig Destroyer go off on a big jaunt and kick the shit out everybody with what can only be some of the best, not only grind, but metal, to be released this year. Not only have they carried on their own legacy of producing top notch grindcore, but they've also solidified their position as one of the few grindcore bands that progresses the music beyond what could be viewed as the staple sound of grind.

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