CONTINENTS - Idle Hands [Review]

Release date: January 22nd, 2013
Genre: Hardcore
Label: Victory Records
Rating: 7/10
Reviewer: Moe Ezz

One of the latest signings to Victory Records, the UK's Continents is gearing up to release their debut album on January 22nd, titled "Idle Hands."

Hailing from South Wales, Continents has been active since 2010, gaining a solid fan base with their intense live shows and foot-stomping blend of hardcore. Performing alongside bands such as: The Ghost Inside, Comeback Kid, and The Black Dahlia Murder.

As the band's vocalist Phil Cross puts it:

“We’ve always tried to put our own passion for our music before external influence, the most important thing for us is that we enjoy the music we play, and if other people enjoy it too then that’s awesome,”

"Idle Hands" offers listeners an adrenaline fueling sense throughout its playtime. The album carries the blueprint of the genre, utilizing a powerful low-end section. Being one of the UK's most popular bands online (in November 2011, the band was voted as favorite "Youtube UK Metal Act"), Continents prove that they're a promising act to keep a look out for.

As a conclusion, "Idle Hands" is a release for fans looking for an album to blast from start to finish in foot-stomping fashion. It's definitely a record worth checking out for fans of Architects, This or The Apocalypse, and The Ghost Inside.

Recommended tracks: 'Pegasus, Pegasus,' 'Land of the Free,' 'Trials,' 'Exhale.'

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