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Cairo-born/New York-based Nader Sadek is one of extreme metal's most notable visual artists; responsible for the live-sets of a number of iconic acts, including Mayhem and Sun O))), Nader has made a name for himself for his visually stunning stage settings.

Apart from being an accomplished artist, Nader Sadek has also released a successful full length album that features former members of Mayhem, Behemoth, and Morbid Angel; titled "In The Flesh."
The album takes a look at man's dependency on petroleum and how its affected humanity as a whole.

A few days ago Nader held a 'meet & greet' in Cairo where fans were able to purchase his upcoming live CD/DVD titled Living Flesh prior to it's official release on February 27th (available for pre-order here).

I got a chance to catch up via email and discuss In The Flesh and how it differs from future work, how new material will be stripped of any "Morbid Angel sounding riffs", and ultimately the band continuing under a new moniker. We also cover his stop in Egypt, chances of shows in the Middle East, as well as his visual work with Mayhem and Sun 0))).

Here's how it went:

Moe: Thanks a lot for doing this. You're currently getting ready to release a new live CD / DVD. Can you tell us about the release and where can fans order it?

Nader: Hey Moe, thanks for the interview, Cd/Dvd is only one format you can purchase it, it also comes as an LP (CD + Blu-ray)  and of course digital formats, additionally there will be one unique special edition of the LP, that I've literally Suffered for, however there will be a time and place to reveal this piece.

I put together a live show back in 2011, with the intention of releasing it later on. We used 5 cameras to film it to try to get as many angles as possible. I also set up the stage differently so it being multicam was integral to the presentation. I'm self releasing this album, no label at all is attached to this. I like being in control, I never want to give the work to someone else and not know what they are doing with it. This means much more work on my side, but when you are making art, you have to give more than 100%. This album will only be available on my website,

The band's sound has industrial elements, but is not industrial metal so to say. How would you explain your sound?

The theme of my work is based on petroleum, and its influence on the world. The sound I was hoping to achieve is primarily based on that. I don't think the musician[s] had any kind of  industrial direction in mind. For them, it was all about feel and chemistry, and their combination (especially Rune and Flo) is what give it strength.

During the demoing process of the songs,  I started working with samples of oil refineries and car engine samples I had recorded, and made some sketches with those sounds. After the songs were completely recorded, I took those samples and mixed them, there was also a great idea by one of the producers to add guitar feed backs or whispery acoustic guitars. I then added samples Attila [Mayehm] had sent me, and I think those ambient tracks turned out really great and helped the album's flow tremendously. 

One of the most interesting metaphors found on your debut album "In The Flesh" would be on the outro to the album, "Nigredo in Necromance" where the song "riffs on the life-in-death of an oil-drenched society, as the lovers reunite in their decomposition and rebirth as petroleum." Will you continue to explore similar subjects on future material?

Nader: Thank you. I don't think so, because I don't think there will be another " in the flesh" record. What I want people to realize is that this was a one time project, and that's it. However, Flo, Rune, Nova and I (and a singer we will later announce) are continuing work, however it will no longer be under the nader sadek "banner."

Have you been writing for the band's next album? When might fans expect a new record?

For starters, it will not have any morbid angel sounding riffs at all, and this has to do with the line up too. It will be far more intense and sophisticated. We've already demoed 12 songs, so it will be way longer as well. Far more evil, if you will, the song writing process has been extremely encouraging and inspiring.

As far as my musical contribution. the process has been slightly different, last time I wrote "Nigredo in Necromance" and a few basic ideas for what became "Petrophilia". This time, I've shown Rune and Flo, riffs I've come up with. They'll take them and turn this riff in an entire song, an awe-inspiring experience to say the least, however this isn't the process for all the songs, most of the songs are written by Rune and Flo together while jamming. This is very different from last time, especially in that, the songs were written then rehearsed, then recorded. This time Flo and Rune are actually feeding off each other. So it's far more organic.

(From left to right) Rune Eriksen, Nader Sadek, and Carmen Simões live at Santos (New York City, NY) 11.20.2011

Apart from releasing music, you're also a renowned visual artist that's responsible for the live-sets of many internationally respected bands, such as: Mayhem and Sun O))). Can you tell us about your venture into visual arts and how it started?

I've started in visual art, it's  my original training, coming up with these music ideas, is pure passion and love for the art, the musicians and the scene. Being a metal fan, I felt it was my responsibility to (if it is within my power) to try to [do] something unique. Making visuals for Mayhem and SunnO))), for the most part came through Attila, I actually don't quite remember how we met, someone introduced us but we were both hungover and tired, but somehow we connected, we spoke about making masks, I was thrilled with the idea and of course immediately made a mask, and sent it to him, he loved it and commissioned me to make about 10 more. About a year later mayhem were starting their first US tour, and atttila asked me if I would like to join them on tour to set up the stage under my own vision. You can imagine of course that this was quite mind blowing. Not only do I get to watch one of my favorite bands play every night, I get paid to do it.

You recently held a meet & greet in Cairo, Egypt at 32 Studio in Giza where fans were able to buy merchandise, take photos and have their stuff signed. Can fans in Egypt expect a show in the near future?

I'm trying to put something together for some live shows over there; it's very hard, especially in this political climate, but I do not give up easily. The meet and greet was moved to studio vibe, however most people simply pm'd me on FB and asked if could meet them in private, thankfully a lot of people came and I was able to give people CDs and shirts for a discounted price for my Egyptian brothers and sisters. After [all] it was through people like them that I got into metal and started this project, so again I felt I need to give back.

With more and more bands performing in countries like the UAE and Lebanon, would you be interested in bringing over the band to perform there?

I'd love to, it would be nice to do a middle east tour.

Once again, thanks a lot for taking the time to talk to us. Would you like to add anything?

Thank you! I would like to add that everyone should never forget, if you love art, then your an artist yourself, don't wait for compliments or encouragement, although appreciate them when they come, make art for yourself and no one else. Believe in yourself.

Pre-order the live CD/DVD "Living Flesh" (out February 27th) by clicking here!
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