Resurrection: The Bahrain Underground Vol.1 Out Now, Featuring LUNACYST, SMOULDERING IN FORGOTTEN, MOTOR MILITIA

Rabble Rouser Studios have released a new live DVD titled "Resurrection: The Bahrain Underground Vol.1" that features live performances by 3 of the most popular extreme metal bands in Bahrain, including footage from: LUNACYST, SMOULDERING IN FORGOTTEN, and MOTOR MILITIA.

The release is available for purchase through Abbreviated Records.
You can watch performance clips below of the 3 bands included:

About the DVD:

"Satanism, murder, arson, rape, drug addiction…These are only some of the ridiculous accusations thrown at Bahrain's metal community by a few of Bahrain's ultra-conservative officials. Its not easy playing Heavy Metal music in the Middle East. Despite all the nonsense and ignorance, Bahrain's metal community came together to create a series of live events called 'Resurrection'. The main purpose of this event was to unite the community under one banner and show the world what the Bahrain metal scene is all about.

This live recording documents the heaviest gig that ever took place in Bahrain. On July 1 2011, three of the island's pioneering heavy metal bands took the stage at Tabasco Charlie's nightclub in Manama. Heads were banging, pits were slamming and posers were running for cover. This is Resurrection. This is the underground in Bahrain.


-Lunacyst: Their musical style is most easily described as Death Metal, with a technical groove. The band recorded their first 4 track demo in 2010 and played many live shows in Bahrain and Dubai since then. They are currently in the process of recording their new full length album, which should be out by the end of 2012. The band swallow up all the negativity they are surrounded by and explicitly regurgitate it back in the form of extreme music that will torment your minds! Lunacyst is a Middle-Eastern metal colossus to look out for!

-Smouldering In Forgotten: The band was formed in 2005, originally as a black metal band, but today stands proudly as Bahrain’s most explosive extreme metal act. The group’s aggressive and atmospheric sound is inspired by a range influences including black metal, death metal, and thrash, but also ethnic Arabian music and a rich culture of story-telling and art. Smouldering in Forgotten’s dynamic live performances have delighted audiences across the Arabian Gulf States.

-Motor Militia: Formed in 2001, Motör Militia is one of Bahrain's premier heavy metal bands. In their decade long career, the group has helped rejuvenate and further local and neighboring Heavy Metal communities. No matter the cultural constraints the band has encountered, Motör Militia is still going strong, and still helping to promote the music they live for.

Support the metal scene in the Middle East and check out these live recordings!

For your info:

Songs 1-6: Lunacyst
Songs 7-11: Smouldering In Forgotten
Songs 12-18: Motor Militia"

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