AC/DC Beer - Now In Germany - Let The Jelly Feels!

"German beer, Australian Hard Rock"

AC/DC knows exactly what their fans want. If you live in Germany, you're in absolute luck as the band has officially released their brand new brew, available for German fans (while the rest of the planet rots in envy).

Here's a quote from the legendary rockers official site for their new brew:
"If you wanna rock hard, you need the right beer."
"AC/DC, the infamous Hardrock Legends from down under, have been delivering true rock for the last 40 years. Now they give their name for true, pint-sized Australian taste as well.

“AC/DC Premium Lager Beer ” is 568mL of true German Premium Lager with mouthwatering 5.0% alc.
This lager fires up your tongue like TNT, comes with a great beer-loving taste and is brewed in accordance with the Rock`n Roll manifesto of 1973 and the German purity law of 1516."

Visit the official site:

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