CARCASS Reveal New Album Title


UK behemoths Carcass have confirmed their sixth album will be entitled ‘Surgical Steel’ and will be released later this year.

The grind kings are wrapping up the final mixes of ‘Surgical Steel’ with long-term producer Colin Richardson at the helm and are talking to labels to release.   The album – the band’s first studio outing since 1996’s ‘Swansong’ – will be the first to feature new drummer Dan Wilding (Aborted/ Heaven Shall Burn/ Trigger The Bloodshed) and also features guest vocals from original sticksman Ken Owen.

Guitarist Bill Steer told Terrorizer. “I found myself playing riffs that sounded like Carcass.  This was after the band had finished the whole reunion cycle of shows and festivals.  So officially I would have been playing with other bands and stuff, but for some reason whenever I picked up a guitar at home I was coming up with riffs that sounded like Carcass.

“I got on the phone to Jeff [Walker, bass/vocals] and said, ‘We could have a crack at writing a couple of tunes and seeing if they’re strong enough and take it from there’.  We also agreed, if it didn’t sound like Carcass or have that kind of vibe to it, we would just drop it.  So that was the thing, we got together and started working on some stuff and just immediately got the excitement back very quickly.”

Terrorizer has heard rough mixes from the album and is delighted to report the 17-year wait will be worth it.  The songs capture the spirit of the band’s previous albums without emulating or rehashing former g(l)ories.

Says Bill: “It definitely sounds like Carcass. I think we just generally by accident captured the flavour of past music that we have done and you can’t help but push it forward.  We have really been creative and when you are looking at things like guitar harmonies, it’s way more adventurous on this record.  It’s not just parallel harmony like we did in the past, things branch off in different directions.

“A lot of what is happening now is based on rhythms rather than actual riffs.  We were discussing this a lot during record sessions about how the riff is almost dying or dead already.  People spend a lot of time chugging on the bottom string [but] that’s a rhythm it’s not a riff – we can’t write a song, never mind an album, without it being choc-full of riffs.”

While the final tracklisting has yet to be confirmed, the song titles of recorded songs are:

  • The Master Butcher’s Apron
  • The Granulating Dark Satanic Mills
  • A Congealed Clot Of Blood
  • A Wraith In The Apparatus
  • 316l Grade Surgical Steel
  • Cadaver Pouch Conveyor System
  • Captive Bolt Pistol
  • Intensive Battery Brooding
  • None Compliance To Astm F899-12 Standard
  • Mount Of Execution
  • 1985/Thrasher’s Abattoir
  • Unfit For Human Consumption
  • Zochrot
  • Livestock Marketplace

Jeff Walker adds: “I’d like to feel like we are giving Carcass fans what they want again. I’m a realist and I think Bill has realised and Dan know what people like about Carcass. We’re definitely delivering.”

More info on the new Carcass can be found in the next issue of Terrorizer out March 18.

Carcass play three nights at the London Underworld on March 26, 27, 28 and headline Damnation festival on November 2nd.

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