DEVOID - The Invasion EP [Review]

Release date: February 3rd, 2013
Genre: Death/Thrash Metal
Label: Self-released

Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Moe Ezz

Formed in 2005, Devoid continue to expand their presence onto the Indian and international thrash metal scene with their brand of extreme metal (death/thrash metal to be more specific).

Back in 2010 the band released their debut album A God's Lie through Demonstealer Records which was highly received by press and fans alike.

Following its release, the band embarked on a tour of India in support of the effort with UAE death metal veterans, NERVECELL, that spanned shows in Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune; which later on won them the Rolling Stone Metal Award for Best Metal Album (popular choice).

Devoid will unleash their latest EP titled The Invasion on April 6th during an official launch party in Hyderabad, India with local support from Cadent Slaves and Primal Abuse. (You can get a taste of the EP here)

The Invasion is a 5 track concept EP that opens with the well crafted acoustic intro, "Prelude," which packs a strong hook and perfectly leads way for the rest of the music. Following the intro, the band gets right down to pummeling your system with the title track, followed by the galloping "Pandemonium Is Now." Guitar work on the EP is absolutely top notch and vocalist Arun Iyer brings life to the music with his raw and straight-from-the-guts range.

"Bahrma Weapon" is the EP's lead single and first song to be filmed and released as a video. The video sets an almost precise picture to the track. The song itself is vengeful! Guitars and drums seem to feed off each other and escalate until a massive solo splits the song like a scorching sword right down the middle!

Devoid are one of India's most reputable thrash revivalists; they continue to offer a sound that lives up to their reputation and proves the amount of musicianship at-play. The Invasion is packed with addictive grooves and slasher riffs that make it one of the best EPs to be released in 2013 and continues India's streak at exporting a force of metal to be reckoned.

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