MIKAEL STANNE doesn't need an introduction, the man fronts one of the most prominent metal bands in the world, and has helped create a movement named after the band's hometown of Gothenburg, Sweden.

DARK TRANQUILLITY is one of the godfathers of the melodic death metal scene that emerged in the early 90s from Sweden (which was specifically popularized by acts from Gothenburg). The band is highly regarded as being one of the few acts to never stray too far from their original sound, while producing records for almost 25 years; building a loyal following from around the globe in the process.

The band continues to provide listeners with punishing music filled with soaring melodies that is easily recognizable by any metal fan.

Dark Tranquillity will be performing for the first time in the UAE on June 7th at the upcoming Dubai Rock Festival (with guitar icon, Yngwie Malmsteen), they're also getting ready to release their 10th studio album, titled "Construct" (out May 27th via Century Media Records).

I got a chance to interview Mikael Stanne via email to discuss the band's upcoming performance at DRF, their new album, and much more! (thanks to the organizers of DRF for setting this up)

Here's how it went:

Thanks a lot for this opportunity. Dark Tranquillity will be performing in the UAE for the first time at the upcoming Dubai Rock Festival on June 7th. Are you looking forward to perform in Dubai for the first time?

Oh yes for sure. It´s pretty much the best thing there is to play for the first time in a country. The anticipation and the excitement is magic. We really have no idea what to expect and I love that. We just go, bring our best songs and prepare for anything.

Do you have plans for sightseeing around the city?

We have plans to stay a couple of days to see the city. I´ve heard a lot of great things about the city and I am very excited to see it. Usually when we tour we don´t really have time to stick around since we have another show the day before and the day after but this is a stand alone gig and we will do our best to hang around and see as much as we can.

What sort of set list for the show can fans expect? Can you share with us a couple of songs confirmed for the event?

We are just now starting to talk about it. We will bring songs from our whole catalog and play as long as we can.

On May 27, Dark Tranquillity will be releasing its 10th studio album, titled "Construct." Is there a chance fans at DRF will get to hear material from the new record?

For sure. We are going to set a preliminary set list in the next couple of weeks and we cannot wait to play some of the new songs. It´s going to be a good mix of the new and the old.

What can you tell us about the new album?

Hard for me to be objective since we pretty much just finished it. But it's a pretty different album from what we´ve done before. It has all the ingredients you´d expect from DT but in a new and interesting way. We are incredibly proud of how it came out. It´s a straightforward melody driven album with alot of emotion and anger.

When might fans get a taste of Construct?

We will release a video before the album comes out as well as a digital single at one point. Dates have not been set but look out for something in the beginning of May.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to talk to us and can't wait to finally witness Dark Tranquillity live at DRF! Would you like to add anything?

Thank you. And we are honored to have been invited to such a cool event. Hope to see an amazing crowd there. See you soon! Cheers!

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[By: Mohab Habib]

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