MANTRIC Entering Studio For Another Album


Norway's MANTRIC is entering the studio of TURBONEGRO's Tommy Akerholdt on the 7th of March to start the recording of the follow-up to the music-journalists' crush "The Descent" from 2010. Since drummer Kim Akerholdt is no longer a part of the band, vocalist and guitarist Ole Halvard Sveen will record the drums, while they'll look for a new drummer to play live in the future.

Working title for the album is "Album of the year 2013", and guitarist and vocalist Tor Magne Glidje explains:"Yeah, we know Faith No More did an album called Album of the Year, but that's almost twnty years ago, and this is just a working title – a silly way to let the audience know what we're aiming at artistically with this recording. We've got a nice bouquet of tracks ready that we know will stand out from the thousands of releases out there, and our job's not done until we know each of them have reached the limit of its potential – until we actually think we've made the Album of the yea". 

All who know of the previous efforts from this trio (also releasing albums with EXTOL, LENGSEL and BENEA REACH, among others), knows to expect something unique – variated, creative, progressive yet catchy hard music.

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