Interview With French Metallers NIGHTMARE

Continuing our series of interviews with the bands set to perform at Dubai Rock Festival (headlined by guitar icon, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN) we bring you our second interview with French power metallers, NIGHTMARE, whose latest album "The Burden of God" is out now.

Here's how it went:

Moe: Thanks a lot for doing this. NIGHTMARE will be performing at the upcoming Dubai Rock Festival on Friday, June 7th at Dubai World Trade Center. Are you excited to be performing in Dubai for the first time?

Nightmare: Of course we are very excited! We like very much to meet new friends and new metalheads from all around the world! We never know what to expect each time we have a show in a new country that we never visited before… This is a real challenge for us each time and this is what makes it very exciting ! we are looking forward definitely!

What can fans expect from your set list and performance at DRF?

If we give you now all details of our set list before the show, there will be no surprise about our performance! The only thing that we can tell is that since it’s the very first time for us to visit Dubai, be sure that we will prepare something very unique and special that will be very different that our European shows!
Expect the unexpected!

NIGHTMARE was founded in the late 80s and went on hiatus during the 90s. Can you tell us about the band and how you guys got together?

At that time we were just young kids fans of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and more…, and we were dreaming of becoming like these bands. This eventually turned out to create a band in the name of nightmare in the area of Grenoble (south east of France). I (Yves Bass) and jo (lead vocals) are the oldest band members from the original line-up, still in the band nowadays.

Why did the band go on hiatus during the 90s?

At that time we changed line-up and the new members were really not into the spirit that the band had at the beginning… They were more into keyboards and AOR hard rock when me (yves) and Nicolas (De Dominicis : guitars: the only survivors of the first line-up) were into NWOBHM, and this turned to be a fiasco that led to the split of the band…

What influences (musical or non-musical) drives you to write for NIGHTMARE?

All band members have various and different influences and the mixture of all our influences make what we are doing musically nowadays… I would say that some band members are more into extreme styles when others are into more melodic and progressive music … This is why we are never bored when we are writing new music. 

Thanks a lot for your time. We look forward to seeing NIGHTMARE at DRF! Would you like to add anything?

We are really looking forward to get new fans from Dubai and to meet you all ! This will be a very exciting time and definitely a great experience! We are counting the days! Thanx a lot to Fawaz for offering us this great opportunity!

Catch NIGHTMARE live for the first time in the UAE at the upcoming DUBAI ROCK FESTIVAL, click here for tickets.


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