SLASH Lands Gig In ANGRY BIRDS Game (No, Seriously.)

SLASH is apparently a big fan of ANGRY BIRDS. In a past interview he mentioned his love of the game which resulted in the developers contacting him to record a theme song for "Angry Birds: Space" where there's also a playable character called, Slashbird.

I still didn't get a chance to update the game on my phone, but I'm really interested to hear the sounds used for Slashbird, it would be awesome if a killer solo plays every time you sling shot it into space.

You download the game for 1.99$ from Google Play, if you've already purchased it, simply update it for free to access Slashbird

Do you think an Axl Rose Angry Bird would be cool? What special powers will it have? Being an hour late to hit the pigs? I kid.

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