STILL REMAINS Working On New Album, Band Launches KICKSTARTER Campaign

STILL REMAINS are working on their highly anticipated follow-up to 2007's "The Serpent." As they've been financially funding the process without the help of a label, the band decided to launch a KICKSTARTER campaign to seek their loyal fans' support.

Here's the official statement:

"So here's whats up.  We love our fans and we want you guys to be able to hear our new music as soon as possible, however we need a hand from everyone to make that happen.  We have families and lives that we can't leave behind for months at a time to tour anymore.  This pretty much means getting any label to fund a record that a band can't tour full-time to support is a pretty tough sell.  This is why we're turning to our fans to help us finish what we've already started and get this record out to you guys! 

So far we've recorded a few songs with Josh Schroeder at Random Awesome! Studios (The Color Morale, Plea for Purging, Legend, etc).  We paid for these out of our own pockets.  However, he is very busy, as are we, and to continue making the record this way, we would be lucky to finish this record in the next 2 years.  So our plan is to bring our friend and producer Mike Hatalak from It Dies Today, to Grand Rapids, to record the whole record this spring.  To finish the record we're asking for $15,000.  This will cover the cost of the record (tracking, mixing, mastering, artwork, travel and equipment expenses) as well as some of the costs involved in making and shipping the various rewards out.  Keep in mind, this is the bare minimum needed for us to finish a record.  Additional funds can be used towards improving this record (better mixing, artwork etc.) as well as possibly recording additional material or putting ourselves in a better position to play occasional shows (we don't have a van or trailer anymore).  Kickstarter and Amazon also get percentages of the money too, so that will also cut into any money we actually get to use. 

We will be making some exclusive merch, designed by our own Zach Roth, that you'll only be able to get by helping us out on here.  We have some cool rewards to check out for people who donate, you could even get a private Still Remains show or spend a day in the studio with us.  So check it out and please help us if you can.  We love you guys and are so grateful you still care about this band after all these years!  Love,

TJ, Jordan, Zach, AJ, Mike and Kenny

Still Remains

Go to our KICKSTARTER here"


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