"What you hear is what you'll get on stage"
THE MARS CHRONICLES is a new alternative metal band emerging from France that will be releasing their first single tomorrow on their Youtube channel titled "Constant Show" (taken from their upcoming debut EP).

[Ed note: Stream "Constant Show" now via Youtube]

The band features members from a number of notable acts, including: Devy Diadema from french progressive rock band Opram, guitarist Yann Morvant (Lag I Run), bassist Sebastien Ollive (ex-Opram) and drummer Morgan Berthet (Myrath, performing in Dubai on April 12).

We got a chance to catch up with front man Devy and drummer Morgan to get an idea of what to expect from the 4 and find out more details on their debut release.

Moe: THE MARS CHRONICLES recently released a teaser from the band's upcoming debut. Can you tell us about the EP?

TMC: We made this teaser to announce "Constant Show", the very first song from our upcoming EP.
Pre-orders will start on April 18 and our EP will be out May 13.

For this record we worked with Christian Carvin from ALL PRODUCTION studio, an amazing crazy french sound engineer. We already know that we'll work together again for our first album, we couldn't be closer to the sound we were dreaming about. He's the man!!!

We can now announce that we signed yesterday with french Label SEND THE WOOD MUSIC. Once again, we wanted to work with people of trust who respect and support us, that's why we chose them.

We also started to work with Orka Networks (booking/management) in India for the same reason. All those people are following us since the beginning, this is already a strong team, we're very proud of this.

Credit: Nicolas DELPIERRE

Moe: How would you describe THE MARS CHRONICLES sound?

TMC: Well, The Mars Chronicles is an Alternative Metal band, Christian Carvin did an amazing job to get a modern, massive sound and to keep it organic, natural and groovy, so there's no editing or vocal correction, everything was kept the way we played it.
What you hear is what you'll get on stage.

Moe: The band features members from a number of notable acts. How did the members come together to form The Mars Chronicles?

TMC: We knew each other by reputation and we all wanted to work together for a long time, so when Devy Diadema decided to create a new band, Yann Morvant (guitar/Backing Vocals) Sebastien Ollive (bass) and Morgan Berthet (drums) immediately joined it. Along the composing process we started developing the concept, visual and thematics for the band.

Moe: Is there plans to tour after the EP is released?

TMC: Nothing's planed yet, we're working on the release of this EP and a video clip, so we'll start working on a tour in some months.

Credit: Nicolas DELPIERRE

Moe: The band's abstract name and image gives it more textures. What inspired you to choose the band's current image?

TMC: The design of the logo made by Flow for Chromatorium had to be distinctive, massive and powerful…The logo seems to be trapped in ice like it has been there forever… It's up to everyone to choose where the ice is from…

Almost the same for our first photos made by Nicolas Delpierre, we wanted something cold and catchy… and he did an amazing job! Some stuff doesn't have to be explained, people are free to see what they want to see.
Suggestion is sometimes way more powerful than delivering every answer…

Moe: Who are some of your favorite artists that influence you to write?

TMC: On earth our favorite rock-metal artists/bands are: KARNIVOOL, CYNIC, MESHUGGAH, INCUBUS, DEVIN TOWNSEND, GOJIRA, TOOL, KING CRIMSON...Many other bands or artists have influenced us as musicians and specially Devy for the composition. We like many other musical genres and even other art forms but the list would be really too long.

Moe: Thanks a lot for doing this. We look forward to checking out the new EP. Would you like to add anything?

TMC: Metality rules, we really wanna thank you for your support and your questions. Mars is alive...

Make sure to visit The Mars Chronicles on Facebook, and Youtube to be among the first to listen to the debut song "Constant Show" (out tomorrow).

Update*: stream "Constant Show" using the player posted above now!


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