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Anders Björler is one of melodic death metal's most recognized names. Being a founding member of the legendary, At the Gates, Anders is known amongst fans for his unique guitar playing and soaring melodies.

Apart from being a founding member of At the Gates, Anders Björler was also the guitarist for progressive thrash metallers, The Haunted, with which he released 7 albums before leaving the band.
He's currently working on his upcoming debut solo album, titled "Antikythera."

I had the honor of interviewing Anders via email to discuss his upcoming project and what can fans expect from the music. I also asked him the question many diehard At the Gates fans want to know, on whether or not the band might record new material. Find out by reading the interview:

Thanks a lot for this opportunity. You're currently working on your debut solo album titled Antikythera with producer, Tue Madsen. How's things coming along with the record?

Everything's going great. I just received the final mix from Tue Madsen, and it sure sounds great. Tue wasn't a producer for the album - just mixing & mastering it.
I started the first recordings in september / october in 2012, so it's been a long ride
getting everything together (and waiting for some musicians to find the time in their busy schedules). At first, I was to mix it myself, but after some test mixes, I wanted a professional stepping in and giving it the right treatment, so Tue was a natural choice, since he's done stuff for THE HAUNTED as well as AT THE GATES. I like his approach and soundspheres. 

As you've previously mentioned, Antikythera will not be a metal record but will be an instrumental album that reflects your affection for Italian soundtrack music. Will the songs be experimental in nature?

Not too experimental, but not your average pop/rock/metal song structure.
The arrangement is probably more similar to classical music with re-accuring themes throughout. It's basically ONE piece of music divided into 12 chapters.
In many ways it's an extension of my love for movie/film music. Especially 60/70's stuff.

What are your plans for the album's release?

I am currently approaching labels that are interested in releasing it.
I will probably have more info soon. My hope is to release it this summer / early fall of 2013.

When might fans get to hear a taste?

Probably in a month or two depending on release date of the album.

AT THE GATES has confirmed that the band will be performing at a number of summer festivals in Europe. Over the past couple of years ATG has been gelling extremely well together, which can also be seen on the DVD documentary "The Flames of the End."  Knowing that you have left The Haunted, is there any chance fans might get new material from At The Gates?

New material from AT THE GATES is at the moment NOT very likely.
We enjoy where we are at the moment playing tribute to the albums we released in the past. We are not really the same people as we were back then (and not the same songwriters / composers). New music from AT THE GATES would feel weird in many ways.

Given the fact that a number of international bands (such as: Metallica, Iron Maiden, Killswitch Engage, and Mastodon) have performed in the Middle East in countries like the UAE, Lebanon, and Tunis. Would you be interested in bringing At The Gates over for a performance in the region?

We play wherever we get offers to play. So, I hope soon.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to talk to us. Would you like to add anything?

Thanks for the interest in my solo album.
Keep checking my facebook page as well as the official homepage [] for more info.

Anders Björler online:

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