ALIASES Reveal New Vocalist, Free Single And Official Video For "Exasperated"


ALIASES have released a FREE track download for their new single, ‘Exasperated’, which showcases the talents of new vocalist Joe Rosser. The track, which premiered last night on Kerrang Radio, is available for free from the official Basick Records Bandcamp page.

To celebrate the new track and welcome Joe to the family, the band have also released a new video for the track, which you can watch here: 

Joe is now hard at work in the studio with the band, recording vocals for Aliases’ forthcoming debut album, which will be released on Basick Records later this year.

Comments new vocalist Joe: "It's been great to bond with a group of musicians with the same sort of outlook on music as me. I think the moment we shared ideas we gelled together really well. Not only that but the fact that they are such great people to be around, we have become good friends. Working on the single has been so much fun. From laying down ideas to progressing it to a full length song, it more or less took its course and the rest of the bend felt what I added gave it a better twist than they anticipated.  Recording the video was insane. Lack of sleep, lots of energy drinks and a huge office block with a DIY bedroom set.... It couldn't have been more surreal! Ben Herbert who directed it was so sound to work with and brought out the best in the ideas we had for the visual aspect of it all. I've admired the band for some time and never thought I could match the standard, but it seems this time I proved myself wrong and I am looking forward to a progressive future with Aliases. It's gonna be a blast!"

Guitarist Pin adds: "After things didn't work out with our last vocalist Leigh, we put an extremely thorough process in place for selecting a new vocalist for Aliases. We had a massive number of applicants with some awesome talent come through. Joe Rosser stood out from the start returning amazing versions of tracks from our last EP, Safer Than Reality.
  When we met him we were all on the same wavelength as people, he seemed like he had been in the band for a long time. Next was to see how he wrote and so we gave him the track which has become Exasperated, he absolutely ripped it up. The guy is extremely versatile, has amazing pitching and rhythm and is going to bring so much to the band. This is the start of the next exciting phase of Aliases and it’s going to be hectic."

Catch Joe’s first gig with Aliases in Manchester with label mates The Algorithm on April 27th. The band will also be appearing at UK Tech Fest in Peterborough 11-15th July. 

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