WASTED LAND - Wasted Land [Review] + TRACK PREMIERE!

Release date: April 3rd, 2013
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Label: Self-released
Website: http://www.facebook.com/wasted.land.official

Rating: 7/10
Reviewer: Moe Ezz

Formed in 2005, Wasted Land is one of Saudi Arabia's longest running metal acts. The band was formed by guitarists Ahmed and Ayman who decided to jam together after discovering their common love for melodic death metal.
The two then recruited vocalist (and drummer at the time) Emad and bassist Sultan to join their ranks and formed what is now known as Wasted Land (they were later joined by Tamim on drums to solidify the pack.)

Wasted Land plays melodic death metal from the early glory days of the genre, reminiscent of legendary supergroup Ceremonial Oath (which featured among its ranks members of In Flames, At The Gates, and Hammerfall).

The album shows off its strong influences of vintage Gothenberg riffs, with folk metal melodies at the backbone.

What really gives this album a strong edge is its raw production, it's got a proper vintage vibe, while all instruments are crystal clear, making the effort sound like a great mix of old school meets modern technology.

There's a ton of influences at play on the record. A great example of this is "Dying Visionary...The King" which starts off with a proper grunge riff that seamlessly transcends into galloping folk metal territory.

Fans of Wasted Land will be familiar with a couple of tracks on the album which were released in the past as singles, but sees their way onto the album in remastered versions, such as crowd-favorite "Bells of the Falling Castle."

Hailing from Saudi Arabia, Wasted Land continues to raise the flag for the country's metal scene, with all the preconceived notions about the genre, the band continues to produce hard hitting music to prove all doubters wrong. Fans of the glory days of melodic death metal are highly recommended to check out this release from one of Saudi Arabia's most respected bands.

Recommended tracks:  "Into The Chaos I Lost," "Bells of the Falling Castle," "Carnages Wail," "Death In War," "Exhumation."

We're psyched to be able to offer you an exclusive premiere of one of the crushing tracks off the release (courtesy of the band) titled "Exhumation" which is the 5th track on the album, available for streaming below:

The self titled debut album by Wasted Land is now available for digital orders through:




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