DARK TRANQUILLITY - Construct [Review]

Release date: May 27, 2013
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Label: Century Media Records
Website: http://darktranquillity.com

Rating: 9.5/10
Reviewer: Moe Ezz

Dark Tranquillity return with their 10th studio album, titled 'Construct' (out now via Century Media Records).

'Construct' is the band's most mature offering to date; a reminder to fans that Dark Tranquillity are one of the best song writers in extreme metal.

The album leans more towards a melancholic vibe, but still delivers a heavy dose of punishing riffs.

The band's 25 years of song writing experience shines on 'Construct.' The heavier sections on the album are just as brutal as material found on 2002's Damage Done; but the music here relies on a more gloomy vibe.

Songs like opener "For Broken Words" and follow-up track "The Science of Noise" are good examples of the fresh sound present on the release.
The first video single for "Uniformity" works great in presenting fans with what the band is aiming for on Construct; a mature melodic death metal offering with intricate song writing.

The album doesn't lack face-pummeling songs either; there's plenty of vintage DT in the form of "Apathetic" and "Weight of the End."

Something worth nothing (as it was announced previously) bassist Daniel Antonsson parted ways with the band to work on other projects prior to the recording of Construct, a replacement is yet to be announced.  The band decided to have bass duties handled by guitarist Martin Henriksson (who originally played bass until 1999's "Projector" album).

In the official press release found with Construct, vocalist Mikael Stanne and guitarist Niklas Sundin state:

"Niklas: When Daniel Antonsson left the band we initially thought of having a session guy playing bass.

Then someone said ”why not Martin?”.

Mikael: At first, he was a bit hesitant – but once he bought into the idea, he really went for it. Martin hadn’t played bass since ”Projector” (1999), so this was very cool and exciting.

Niklas: His playing on the record is really creative. As far as touring goes, we have several options that are being looked into. Martin is still a guitar player and Dark Tranquillity is a quintet."

Contruct is a strong contender for one of the best metal albums this year. Some fans might have wanted Fiction Pt. 2, but Construct is much more than just another melodic death metal album, it's Dark Tranquillity celebrating their 10th release by proving they've still got a lot to offer!

Stream more songs from the album: The Science of Noise, Endtime Hearts, and Uniformity.

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