Interview With DJ STORM (Dubai Rock Festival, Holy Noise)

DJ Storm is known in the UAE and ME scene as being one of the top metal DJs, as well as the organizer for many metal events in the UAE; the latest being Dubai Rock Festival, which will be headlined by Swedish guitar icon, Yngwie Malmsteen, and also features performances by Dark Tranquillity, Epica, Myrath, Nightmare and Anuryzm.

We got a chance to catch up with Storm to talk about DRF and future acts he plans to bring over, among other topics. Read on to find out what he has in-store for fans next:

Thanks a lot for this opportunity. You've made a name for yourself in the UAE and ME scene by being one of the prominent metal DJs in the region as well as organizing numerous rock and metal events. Can you tell us how you started off in the field?

The idea came back in 2007 when I was in a metal club in Greece and the DJ was playing metal music without any live band , I decided to move this idea to Dubai sine we never had any metal club or bar in town ! The name of my event was called (Blacklist – Rock & Metal night) , I used to organize it once a week

What has been your favorite show to play so far?

Desert rock fest 2009 was the best of all ! I was DJing between the bands and got the chance to introduce each band on stage (Motorehead – Opeth – Arch Enemy & many more)

You've also organized a number of events with international acts flying over to perform in Dubai. You've recently put-on a show for legendary black metal band MAYHEM, among other reputable shows. How would you compare organizing a show in Dubai with a show overseas (in Europe or the U.S.)?

Not an easy job at all ! So many paper works / permissions / approvals ect required ! but the good thing is we will make it happen at the end .. Nothing is impossible after a long experience

Dubai Rock Festival 2013 will be held on June 7th at the Dubai World Trade Center Arena, headlined by Swedish guitar virtuoso, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN. How did the idea for the festival come about?

This is more than 2 years of preparations! Since the previous organizers of Desert rock fest announced officially that there will be no more rock fest in UAE , I decided to bring it back to life in any matter ! and here we go it is back bigger and bolder.

Why did you choose Dubai World Trade Center as the venue for the festival?

First of all june is not a good weather to have an outdoor show ! and 2ndly most of the bands on my list are free in June during this time, for those who are keep asking why June !? Plus the arena fits 10 000+ easly

You've worked with some of the biggest names in extreme metal. Is there a band you would like to bring over but haven't gotten the chance yet?

Yes there are many, as im in touch directly with most of the band members all the time , let’s say I have NILE & Lamb of god on my list for 2014 !! This is supposed to be confidential though.

Once again, I'd like to thank you for this opportunity. Would you like to add anything?

Im expecting every single metalhead in the Middle East and the GCC to come over and show the maximum support possible, if they want this fest to keep going and have more kick a** bands next year

Thank you \m/ Keep rocking

Visit the official Dubai Rock Festival site for more information on tickets.

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