Previous Winners of Our DUBAI ROCK FESTIVAL Contest Are Still Winning!

We're happy to announce that the organizers of Dubai Rock Festival have confirmed that the previous winners of our contests are now eligible for a ticket each to the festival. While the previous 5 winners of our backstage passes contest are now included on the guestlist for the festival's afterparty with the bands.

The list of -confirmed- winners is as follows:

Winners of 1 ticket (names included at the festival's gate)
Vaishakhan Poduval
Tushar Bhattacharya
Abdul-Kareem Ashouri
Vlad Busca
Nada Khalil
Amr ElSharoud
Kristian Wangberg
Sajid Masood
Nikos Tsairidis
Mohammad J. Masad
Dan Van Dort
Sahar Houari

Winners of attending the afterparty with the bands:
Firas Moughrabi
Sarah Makarem
Mahmoud Tahan
Ahmad Alkandari
Jassem Alromeadheen

[Ed note: An email has been sent to all winners to notify them with contact details in case of any issues, winners should check their inbox for more info.]

Tickets for Dubai Rock Festival are available (but running fast) at this link:

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