LIMP BIZKIT Mainman, Fred Durst, Says New Album Is "Anti-Radio"

Fred Durst was recently interviewed by Metal Hammer, where he states that the new Limp Bizkit album is "definitely an anti-radio record."

"I’m finishing vocals on the new album. It’s sounding pretty awesome actually. It’s really raw, heavy, groove. It’s honest, it’s the record we wanted to make. We got in there and just let things go, kept it a little… I turned it up a few notches, better than being in that comfort zone as the last couple of experiences. I feel like it’s going pretty good, we’re really happy with it. It’s definitely an anti-radio record – a couple of the grooves are kinda catchy, but we went in thinking that anything too catchy, we’re just discarding it. It’s kind of fun in that way."

"We wanted to try and feel what it was like when we started out. We started out in this garage in Jacksonville, Florida, at this guy’s house. It was about 10 feet by 15 feet this garage, so [this time we] found a place that was in a really bad part of town that was about 10 by 15 feet, and just crammed everything in there, and just jammed and recorded. And the vocals I’m doing in such a raw sort of way."


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