More Information Regarding JEFF HANNEMAN's Passing Surfaces Online

According to The Gauntlet, Slayer guitarist and co-founder, Jeff Hanneman, did not die due to the spider bite he was being treated from the past couple of years.

The Gauntlet is reporting that Hanneman was aware of the serious condition his liver was in and had been on the short-list for a liver transplant, which meant he had to stay sober for 2 months prior to the operation.

Jeff realized he needed help "when he began getting drunk after a beer or two. This is a sign that the liver is no longer able to function and process the alcohol from the blood."

"Jeff was seeking treatment and had been sober for 2 months, a condition of being on the liver transplant list. There are four stages of liver disease, and Jeff was at stage 4 two months ago. He sought treatment earlier this year and specialists informed him he needed a new liver and he was placed on a liver transplant list. Those closest to him thought with him being sober, he'd pull through everything okay."

"Tragically though, on Wednesday night, his driver drove him to the hospital and he died the next morning."

A few months ago, it was reported that Hanneman might be the next member of Slayer to leave the band. At the time, it was reported that Jeff is not taking his physical therapy seriously and instead is heavily drinking (morning, day and night).

"Jeff was drinking Heineken and vodka for breakfast, lunch and dinner up until a few months ago. The spider bite was no longer an issue with him, it was his drinking. He just never stopped."

It's also noteworthy to bring up that according to the official press statement made by Slayer about Jeff's passing, it was stated that Jeff is survived by his wife Kathy, which The Gauntlet is confirming they've split up 2 years ago, and that it received a lot of attention which took its toll on Hanneman.

Dave Lombardo left Slayer due to financial disagreements with the band (specifically, Kerry King). Hanneman passed away due to a number of health/personal issues. Slayer's life will always be as extreme as their music.

RIP Jeff, your music will live-on forever.

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