James Hetfield Talks New METALLICA Album

In a recent interview with That's Entertainment (prior to their headlining show in Abu Dhabi for the second time), METALLICA front man James Hetfield, said that the band has a lot of riffs for the new album that they're going through, but no actual work (writing) has yet been made.

"We haven't even started writing it. We're going through riffs; we have, like, 800-and-something riffs we're going through — lots of ideas. We're really excited about it, but doing concerts here and there, trying to get back in the studio and get some stuff done, it's all really exciting, but it gets done on METALLICA time, which is not really scheduled. When it's done, it's done. And when it's good, then it will be done."

Watch the entire interview below:

[Via: Blabbermouth]

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