Video Footage of TIM LAMBESIS In Court Available For Streaming, More Information Surfaces

AS I LAY DYING front man, Tim Lambesis, pleaded not guilty in his case for "murder-for-hire" charges against his estranged wife, which he is accused of soliciting an undercover cop to make the hit.

Apparently there is an audio recording of the entire sting operation where Lambesis allegedly tells the undercover cop that he wants his wife "gone" and when asked if he meant "dead" he replied saying "yes."

Lambesis then gave the agent an envelope containing $1,000 in cash with detailed instructions, including pictures of his wife, her address and the code to get through a gate and dates when the "hit" could take place; when he had his children, saying that would be his alibi on how to kill his estranged wife.

A preliminary court date has been set for July 10, which is when the audio recording of the transaction between Lambesis and the undercover detective will reportedly come out in the trial.

According to people close to Lambesis, over the past few months they've noticed a sudden change in his character due to steroid use.

Alternative Press is reporting:

"As our various sources and Deputy Dist. Atty. Claudia Grasso have reported, several months ago, Lambesis had sent his wife an email telling her that he no longer loved her or believed in God, providing further evidence of his recent noted personality changes. His wife had also learned that he had had several extra-marital affairs, she said."

This is all some CSI shit right here!

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