AS I LAY DYING Front Man, TIM LAMBESIS, Pleads Not Guilty To Murder-For-Hire Charges

Tim Lamebsis' arraignment was held today, where he pleaded not guilty to the charges against him for soliciting an undercover cop to kill his estranged wife (and bail was set at $3 million)

According to "the prosecutor was originally aiming to have Lambesis‘ bail set at $20 million, though it has since been set at $3 million. According to the site, if Lambesis is able to make bail, he is not to have contact with his wife or children."

A freelance reporter for San Diego, CA TV station (Angie Lee)—live tweeted the arraignment via Twitter. Her related tweets to the case can be found below:

 “Tim Lambesis enters a “Not Guilty” plea for hiring someone to kill his wife of 8 years details on @CBS8 at 5pm”

    “Standing room only in the arraignment of Tim Lambesis we are waiting for attorneys”

    “Prosecutors asked for 20 million dollars bail saying Tim Lambesis is a flight risk and danger to the public”

    “Tim Lambesis is charged with solicitation of murder which carries a maximum exposure of 9 years”

    “Meggan Lambesis says she is afraid for her life not knowing if Tim put out other hits”

    “Tim Lambesis’s attorney says one phrase to explain his clients case “scum bag snitch set up”"

    “Tim Lambesis attorney says his client did not intend to harm anyone”


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