BLACK SABBATH release video for "God Is Dead"

BLACK SABBATH have a new video out, and it's nine minutes long. Nine. Minutes. Long.  For starters, it's definitely interesting to see a Sabbath video in HD.  The video highlights all the problems going on in the world, from war, hunger, and poverty, to the slave-like consumerism and materialism.  The main character in the video looks like someone who works a boring, routine-like 9-5 job at some Wall Street bank, and scenes from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars come up every now and then.

A little cheesy? Perhaps a tad bit, but I did think it was cool that you could videos from older Black Sabbath shows on LED video billboards in the background. The ending is quite powerful though, where the main character, along with other protestors, stand up face-to-face with riot police, and throws his briefcase filled with money.

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I am definitely curious to hear the rest of "13"! Be sure to check out the video.

Produced by Rick Rubin , "13" is released through Vertigo Records and Republic Records.  The album came out in Europe on June 7, 2013, and in North America on June 11, 2013.

You can also stream "13" on iTunes - click here.

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