STATIC-X have disbanded!

STATIC-X have disbanded. They're actually done, I'm serious.  With drummer Nick Oshiro leaving the band in 2009, as well as lead guitarist Koichi Fukuda and bassist Tony Campos doing the same in 2010, many thought that we would never see the end to the hiatus announced in 2009, even though frontman Wayne Static said that the hiatus was for him to focus on his solo career. Though Wayne Static brought back Static-X in 2012 with a completely new lineup for the 2012 Noise Revolution tour, Static-X never continued since then.

In a recent interview with the Gauntlet, Wayne Static claimed that the arguments between him and Tony Campos over the rights of the band name have gone too far.  Apparently, they each owned half the rights to the name.  In fact, according to Wayne Static, it has been years since the two have gotten along,

“It was really bad at the end.  The last couple of tours, we never talked or anything like that.  So I made this deal with Tony where I paid him “X” amount of dollars quarterly to use the name Static-X, which I thought was a pretty generous deal.  He got a lot of money for doing nothing, for just sitting on his ass doing nothing.  I wish someone would give me money for doing nothing.”

(Left to Right) Tony Campos, Nick Oshiro, Wayne Static, Koichi Fukuda
In addition to that, Wayne Static claimed that his public comments about the band never being close friends agitated Campos,

“Apparently, he [Campos] was really pissed off because I said in some interviews that Static-X were never, like, all great buddies and friends and all that kind of stuff, and we never hung out.  So he told me, like, ‘Since you said we’re not friends, then why should I help you out?’ I’m, like, ‘Who gives a f---? It’s business, dude.’  And that’s the truth.  We weren’t friends; we never hung out.  And there’s nothing wrong with that; there’s a lot of bands like that.”

After the confrontations continued, Wayne Static found it best to end the band. Is it for the better? I think so.

Watch the full interview on the Gauntlet.

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  1. Morino Deathcore-RavenbergJune 12, 2013 at 4:17 AM

    but is wayne's solo career still going?i would like to hear more after pighammer...