Ihsahn, Devin Townsend, and Serj Tankian's contribution is now a music video!

Three of Heavy Metal's most renowned figures have recently contributed to brand new song for the newly-emerged act Revolution Harmony, a Vancouver, Canada-based project founded this year by British/African musician and journalist Ray Holroyd, that is promised to present a series of all-star singles that would solely be dedicated for charity purposes.

Emperor and Black Metal's legend Ihsan, along with Strapping Young Lad's stalwart Devin Townsend, and System of a Down's all-time eccentric star Serj Tankian, have all been featured on the project's first song entitled "We Are" in one of the year's most memorable contributions.

While Norwegian Black Metal icon, Ihsahn, took care of vocal duties alongside the multi-talented Serj Tankian, Devin Townsend played one of his usual guitar solo stunners, whereas Ray Holroyd managed the rest of the music.

Indeed it is a pleasant chance to see such great artists blend their efforts within something that goes off to support values such as harmony between people, animals, and the environment, coexistence, and equality. Ray Holroyd keeps credit for creating such a project.

Take a look at the bizarre music video for "We Are" on Youtube as it has just been posted via Roy's official account.

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  1. Super cool, I have no idea how someone could call this boring...unless they were looking for the latest Mourning Tide single...