Gene Hoglan says he only knew he was out of Fear Factory through the web!

Having worked with massive bands such as Death, Testament, and Strapping Young Lad to name a few, Gene Hoglan is arguably one of the best old school drummers out there. He also worked with Industrial Metal icons, Fear Factory on their successful 2010 album, Mechanize, but his departure from the band was announced last year, same year when the band released their latest full-length masterwork, The Industrialist. 

Hoglan recently talked with about his departure from Fear Factory and how weird and awkward it went on since he only knew about himself not being part of the band anymore through the internet when he found out that they finished their work with the album. He says:
"Yeah, they made some choices and I wasn’t a part of their choices, so it was like ‘Ok. You got the human drum machine playing for you, but you’re going to record with a drum machine? Ok Bye.’ Like I was saying earlier it’s like I go where it’s fun and if it’s fun and I’m valued and I feel like part of the team – great – and apparently I was so not even part of team I wasn’t even told that ‘oh yeah we recorded the record, with the drum machine.’ I was waiting for a schedule, like seriously I waited. Waiting for like hey ‘When do you guys want to go to the studio, like hey I’m booked, I’m trying to get in touch with you guys to block time out – everybody’s asking me to come play on this project come do this over here. When are you guys going to go in the studio’ and they are like ‘Oh we will let you know.’ Then I read on Blabbermouth the album is done, I’m like ‘Ok well so am I, so you made your choice. Bye."

He also related such farce to the band wanting to save money by using a drum machine in his replacement: 

"Those guys are my friends still, they’re still my buddies, but your business decisions were, I understand it’s like there is not a lot of money there and I don’t come cheap and I went cheap for them, but they knew that the next album since I did that first one super cheap and all the touring super cheap that it wasn’t going to be cheap anymore. They made the proper business decision for themselves, so they wouldn’t be super broke, but I don’t know it, I think they’ve made it very apparent that it’s no offense intended but it kind of looks like a sinking ship. I dig the guys that are playing for them, they’re nice guys but you know – bury your differences with Christian and Raymond – get those two guys back and you’ll be on top of the game again. You know that’s all you got to do. I’m sure that will never happen, because they’ve gone to court against each other and all that sort of stuff, but if you really want to have a future that’s the only way.”

Hoglan anyhow gets ready to join Testament on tour next month with Killswitch Engaged and Lamb of God. Dates here.

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