OVERUNIT MACHINE Announce Title of New Album


OVERUNIT MACHINE have been busy working on their new album, the band released the following update letting you all in on what's happening with the record, and announcing the album title, stating:

"Time has passed since our last news, but it has not been lost, despite the holidays and Logan Mader's musical business, with our producers Eddy Cavazza and Dualized we've worked hard to end the new record that will be astonishing but superlative. Our forthcoming album is getting its shape animated by esotherism, cosmic quantum, conspiracism and consciousness for a technocroidic future pushed to bioretinic expansion, in which opinion evolves in cortycoidal energy and the shape/substance collapses and implodes creating the real "ALDARAJA" . . . that will be the title of our new record. ALDARAJA will be the juice of our ideas and the meaning of our energy in music . . . once again, as usual we choose to follow the natural evolving flow, that since ever distinguishes us, again it will be our pleasure to stupify You, once again your first words will be: "WTF!!!???" Your next step will be to indulge yourself to the listening of the power fused in melody and vice versa, in a journey sprinkled with violent jolts alternated to sonic openings that will satisfy your squaring necessity, you will hear exactly what your mind wants to listen to in that moment . . . ALDARAJA will have a therapeutic function, to clean your mind and heart.

The songs will be 10, or 12, to discretion of Logan Mader, who is following the production and bringing the album to the highest level. The sound will play the key role, with it's cleanliness, depth and power, edited with maniacal precision by the trio "Mader-Cavazza-Dualized", a triptych that in the last decade demostrated how to make an album with hard impact and catchy riffs, without sounding commercial.

Once again the search of the right graphical style and aesthetics for the album will have a crucial value; the visual message and the sounds will collide perfectly, they will be complementary to each other and nothing will be left to chance as our consuetude; After a long research we choose to collaborate with Angelo Roccagli of "Black Reflection Media", which is, in our opinion, the closest one to our graphical ideas.

Well, keep your ears open, stay tuned :-)))"


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