Metality fans decide the top 10 albums of 2013!

As 2013 approaches an end, we feel the urge to look back its outcome of albums for evaluation. With legendary bands like Black Sabbath, Summoning, and Carcass making their comebacks, and with massive heavyweights like Dream Theater, Deicide, Megadeth, and Dark Tranquillity adding new chapters to their legacies, this year turns out to be a very interesting one in terms of Metal music.

So as with great outcome comes great responsibility, the Metality crew decided to make a top 10 list of the best Metal albums released in 2013, wholly decided by the highly appreciated Metality followers, as a part of celebrating reaching 50K likes on the Facebook page.

Therefore, we are asking you to simply tell us your favorite Metal albums released in 2013. We will be receiving your input through any of the following means:

1- Through Facebook by commenting on this picture.
2- On Twitter through this hashtag: #MetalityBestOf2013
3- Through our website in the comments section below this post.

PS: Your input has to have the band's name and the album title!

The final top 10 list will be posted by the end of the month. Stay tuned and support your favorite albums!

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