Top 10 albums of 2013 chosen by Metality readers.

A couple of weeks ago, we opened the floor for Metallity readers to vote for their favorite albums of 2013 through Facebook, or Twitter via the hashtag #MetalityBestOf2013, or simply through our official website here.

Now as 2013 has come to an end, and as today marks the first day of the new year, we are pleased to announce the final list of albums chosen ONLY by the  mighty horde of Metality readers.

Now *drumrolls* the final top 10 list goes as follows:

10. Cthonic - Bú-Tik

The seventh full-length album from the Taiwanese Melodic Black Metal masters, Chthonic, was highly regarded by many as one of the most sophisticated albums they managed to pull out so far. It showcases high levels of musical maturity and mastery from the Taiwanese group. 

9. Omnium Gatherum - Beyond

Naturally considered by many as one of the best Melodic Death Metal bands out there, Omnium Gatherum have managed to pull out one of their best albums this year. Very solid effort from the Finnish group as usual.

8. Kalmah - Seventh Swamphony

One of the bands that started the legacy of Finland having some of the world's best Melodic Death Metal bands, Kalmah hit this year with their 7th full-length endeavor to mesmerize masses of Melodeath fans around the globe.

7. Fleshgod Apocalypse - Labyrinth

Since they surfaced in 2009 through their first album "Oracles", Fleshgod Apocalypse have received massive commendation as being one of the most promising bands in Death Metal at the time. Now after another two albums and one EP, Fleshgod Apocalypse are easily considered as one of the best, most violent, and most sophisticated Death Metal bands around. Their trademark complexity in the musical structure and their insane drum lines make it impossible for any band to outmatch their grandeur. 

6. Dark Tranquillity - Construct

When one of the bands that contributed to the development of the whole genre of Melodic Death Metal releases an album, it is pretty natural that this album ranks as one of the best albums of the year. Dark Tranquillity once again give a perfect example of consistency as they continue their legacy with an album that proves that they get finer by the day, just like wine.

5. Dream Theater - Dream Theater

Dream Theater prove once more that they are on their way to becoming one of the few timeless groups in the music industry. Their legacy spans for 28 years, and with that self-titled masterpiece they provide a perfect example of commitment to all musicians.

4. Black Sabbath - 13

The almighty Black Sabbath release a new album after 18 years! Need I say more?

3. Satyricon - Satyricon

Nothing could ever be more delightful to a diehard Black Metal fan seeing one the founders of the early wave of 1990s Black Metal release a new album THAN this album actually sounding like the old days.

2. Carcass - Surgical Steel

Who would have thought that after their last album in 1996 Carcass would actually come to life again after 17 years? Their comeback was received by many as the happiest surprise in Metal music in 2013, not only because of the comeback itself but because they managed to release an authentic trademark Carcass album that reminded us with their old masterpieces such as "Heartwork" and "Swansong".

1. Amon Amarth - Deceiver of the Gods

A well-deserved place on top of this list was captured by Amon Amarth. With their Viking mythology-influenced lyrical and visual themes, their Death Metal sounds like a genre of their own. They have been active since 1992 and they seem relentless about maintaining their status as one of the best thematic Melodic Death Metal bands of all time. 

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