Pre-orders for Brood of Hatred's new album start today!

One of the region's most promising Death Metal acts, Tunisia's Brood of Hatred are about to release their debut full-length album next month, specifically on the 10th via Crime Records.

The highly anticipated album will eventually come out after four years of their formation, one single, and one EP. It is expected to give the Middle Eastern Metal scene a surge of refreshment. 

Entitled "Skinless Agony" the album comprises 9 tracks that go as follows:

1. "Deconstruction"
2. "The mind that Emerged"
3. "Technological Genocide"
4. "Cacophony In The Creation"
5. "The singularity is near"
6. "Skinless Agony"
7. "Predestined Suicide"
8. "Obsession"
9. "Disbelief Grows"

As promised by Crime Records, pre-orders for "Skinless Agony" start today!

So if you're in for some violent Death Metal treat coming straight from the Middle East, hurry up and grab your copy from Crime Records official website. 

Meanwhile, enjoy watching the official music video for the album's title track:

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  1. I have Aleah some demos 5 years old. Amaizing just her voice and a guitar.

  2. can't await the Trees Of Eternity Album, Aleah !!!