Dubai's Svengali have officially released their video for Conquer off their upcoming debut EP, Unscathed. We're super stoked to have it launched first here on Metality. We had a chat with the guys, who talked about Unscathed and the inspiration behind the song and video. 

Hey guys, how’s preparing everything for the launch of Svengali’s upcoming EP, “Unscathed”?

Hello! Everything’s going great so far, we set the release for April 15th and are trying to spread the word. The EP will be up on our Bandcamp page for free digital download right away!

Adnan, compared to Who Will Guard the Guardians and your other band experience, what’s the writing and recording process been like for Svengali? 

Svengali was a totally different experience all together. The writing process was very smooth and the songs took shape fairly quickly, we recorded demos as we went along. The recording process was my absolute favourite out of all the times I’ve been in a studio. We set up camp at Haven Studio with Hadi Sarieddine (Benevolent) and everything clicked. 

We’re stoked to debut Svengali’s anticipated video. Tell us more about “Conquer”! 

We’re very excited to have it debut with, you guys have been huge supporters in the scene and it means a lot to us! 
Conquer is a song about the people around you that pull you up when you’re down and what you can accomplish with those people when you stand united. It’s a very positive vibe and for the video we wanted nothing more than to capture that spirit. It’s was shot while we were recording and is basically us at Haven Studio and out with our friends. 

Unscathed will be released on April 15th. Describe the EP in 6 words. 

Positive, angry, and at times, catchy. 


So there you have it! Watch Svengali's debut video, and let us know what you think! 

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