Dubai Rock Fest 2014 is a week away, and we couldn't be more excited! One band that we're looking forward to checking out is Nightmare, who rocked out an awesome set at least year's Dubai Rock Festival. Our Editor-in-Chief Kareem C had a chat with Nightmare's guitarist, Matt Asselbergs. Nightmare are one of France's biggest metal bands, and this power metal band is playing its second show in Dubai in two years. Despite that, they're more excited than ever. We talk with Matt about playing Dubai and Nightmare's new album, "The Aftermath"

What’s going on with Nightmare these days? Last time we spoke to you was about a year ago!

Matt: Well, it's been a very busy year full of amazing moments and hard workin days, we are very thankful for what life brings to us and all those great times on the road, like Dubai or the tour with circle II Circle and so on...

How are you guys feeling about playing in Dubai for a second time? What was your first experience like?

Matt: Dubai is such an amazing experience, seems like you're on another planet and the crowd is so fuckin dedicated, metalheads are cool and live their lifetime each concert ! It's really outstanding ! We really like Dubai except for the Infernal heat that you guys have ! How you guys doin' to stay alive? (laughs) 

Nightmare’s second appearance in Dubai will not only be special because it’s your second appearance at the Dubai Rock Festival, but also because you’ll be releasing your new album, “The Aftermath” that night. What can listeners expect from that album?

Matt: We decided to go more Roots on this album, less keyboard and more thrash and heavy riffs, just to return to what we really are in a way... Some crazy classic Heavy Sounds !  we basically kept some keyboard but just to boost the guitars and drums at its best!

What have you guys been listening to these days?

Matt: Good question, I listen to many other kinda music actually, like southern rock with bands such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, molly hatchet, blackberry Smoke,blackfoot, then I love listenin to Immortal and Bathory, then Katy Perry and Avril Lavigne,Queen, Elton John, Mobb Deep, Kanye West, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, Dubstep and The Doors, CCR, Thin Lizzy,Jazz, Prog every music... I really find interest in any kind of music just because Life is music and each songs, each artists has his music view and feeling...and it's very powerful to get these inspirations as well. The more you're open the more people feel it and follow you.

What other band are you most looking forward to watching at Dubai Rock Festival 2014?

Matt: (Laughs) We are with our friends from Loudblast and they really kick some asses, Nervecell is an amazing band also and I will check the other bands live I prefer to see them live. But the other bands rocks to ground also for sure!!!

Any interesting tour stories you’d like to share with us?

Matt: Hum...there are many stories as usual but one is funny, we were playing at the 70 000 tons of metal last year and I get sick I got fever, and we were just arrived to the landing point were everyone can take some rest on a beautiful island where you drink only pina colada under a hot sun if you see what I mean...after a few drink I decided to go back to the boat because I was feeling not even better...during the road back to the boat I just felt on the floor, loose conscience and found myself with two Big guys who were holding me in the front of my room saying “are you ok now”? I was just a piece of shit at this moment (laughs) I just pee on myself because my body just left me for a few seconds...anyway that's one story...but I think we could make a book called The Nightmare Stories 1979-2014 I’m sure we can become millionaires (laughs).

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! Any final comments for readers?

Matt: Well guys, be ready because Loudblast and Nightmare are coming in 10 days and you guys gonna have some heavy depth problem after that (laughs) just kiddin !! Bang your head against the stage ! Love ya all!

Dubai Rock Festival 2014 will take place at Al Nasr Leisureland in Dubai on May 23rd. Tickets are available at Virgin Megastores in Dubai, Hard Rock Cafe, and at the door. Click here for more information.

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