Time for another interview with a band from this year's Dubai Rock Festival's lineup. After interviewing guitarist Matt Asselbergs from French band Nightmare, we move on to Portugal's Heavenwood. Ricardo Dias is Heavenwood's guitarist and primary songwriter, but also sings for the band. The band was formed in 1996 and has played extensively across Europe (they even played at Wacken). Heavenwood released their fourth album, Abyss Masterpiece (which we reviewed here) in 2011, and are now working on their fifth record. Kareem C had a chat with Ricardo about the new album and playing Dubai for the first time.

So tell us what’s been going on with Heavenwood these days? How’s the new album following “Abyss Masterpiece” so far?

We have been working on our 5th album " The Tarot of the Bohemians -  Part I ", Meanwhile we were at the studio we recorded the advance song " The Juggler ".
This new album will be more structured, some times more aggressive or technical but never forgetting our melodic reference. We will continue having Orchestral melodies, not so present during all the songs as it was on "Abyss Masterpiece". I feel that we "orchestrated" much more the words for the new album..
The lyrics are strong, deep and very introspective. The lyrics will demand some occult and spiritual background to understand the real meaning of them.

This is your first show in Dubai. How excited are you guys? What are you most looking forward to about Dubai Rock Festival 2014?

We feel great and very anxious about it, It´s wonderful, and it´s an honour. I do think that the blend of cultures on this Fest is fantastic, Each band will represent their culture on stage.
Excellent professionals and excellent bands will justify everyone to run to this exotic metal fest!

Which band on the lineup are you most looking forward to seeing?

Nervecell, the others i can check them perhaps on tour in Europe, I´m an old fan of Loudblast since "Disincarnate" album…perhaps one of the first Portuguese with a Loudblast musical experience back in the beginning of the 90´s. 

Heavenwood have had a long history of touring. Any interesting stories you’d like to share with us?

We toured with In Flames and I remember when they show us on cassette the demo from the first Hammerfall album, When i listen to it i remember i compare it with Running Wild but i said to them " This is gonna be a success worldwide, just like you guys." In Flames are one of the biggest metal acts in the world.

What can Dubai’s metal fans expect from Heavenwood’s set?

We will play some strong songs from every Heavenwood album, we will play also the new song "The Juggler", from the new album

Any last words for’s readers?

A strong Portuguese metal hug to all and check Heavenwood if you´re enough of listening only to technical stuff!

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